Using UAS for inspection, asset managment, monitoring and data collection saves time, money and makes the work safer. This technology will have far-reaching ramifications for infrastructure projects.  There are additional data security steps and procedures we take when flying critical infrastucture sites. Data security is key. Data must be collected and processed locally and transferred securely to protected servers.


Reign Maker and Dewberry, a national engineering firm, collaborated on using UAS on a New York City bridge. Using drone to collect data on bridges is a first for the NYC Department of Transportation.

Compared to traditional methods, using UAS, saved close to 50% in costs. Not only did we fly the structure, but we extracted the X, Y and Z points which were uploaded into CAD programs which the engineers were able to work from. This is actionable data. Reign Maker and Dewberry, along with the New York State DOT, will be releasing a white paper shortly on the project.

Retaining Walls

New York State has thousands of miles of retaining walls that needs regular inspection. In 2016, Reign Maker flew our first retaining wall project and processed highly detailed models.

Dams + Reservoirs

Under various engineering firms, Reign Maker has been working for the New York Department of Environmental Projection. Reign Maker applies and coordinates to get the multiple permits, waivers and authorizations to fly over reservoirs and in restricted airspace.


Reign Maker was hired to capture track, train stations and related assets by an engineering firm under a contract with the MTA Long Island Railroad.