Using UAS for Inspection – Asset Management – Design

Reign Maker, a data and information collection firm, that operates UAS and other robotic devices for the civil engineering, telecommunications, and utility sector. Our projects have included bridges, highways, cell towers, building facades, and waterways. We fly sites, collect and process data for your inspectors and engineers.



Reign Maker is a Woman-Business Enterprise (WBE), certified by the State and City of New York. 

1. Capture

Capturing data and imagery. Reign Maker captures data for inspection, documentation, monitoring and asset management tasks.  We use a variety of UAS to suit your data security needs.

2. Process

Processing, organizing your deliverables. We provide point-cloud .las files, 3D models, and extreme high resolution imagery. Data is compatible with Microstation and Autodesk.

3. Deliver

Delivering Final Deliverables No ‘data dump’ here. We offer simple data access, management and delivery. We are happy to work with our clients to personalize customized data workflows, automated reports and delivery.

UAS can be used as sophisticated, data collecting tools.  Tasks can be completed safer and greater efficiency while offering higher quality deliverables. This is not a ‘value-add’.  This is an immediate ‘revenue-add’.

In the Spirit of Innovation… we partner strategically to make traditional tasks better. Together, we can figure out smarter ways to work. Our teams include UAS pilots, industry executives, military veterans, geospatial and data professionals and new media rockstars. We are passionate about data and visual information and laser-focused on developing ‘revenue-generating’ solutions. We develop processes and devices that will reduce costs and increase revenue for our clients.